Holy Brown Trout, Batman!

Are there really more trout than humans in Montana? You bet your boots there are.  Another fact: Montana has only one area code and it’s becoming popular for Montanans to refer to Montana as “The 406.” Mike Geary can tell you all about Montana trout populations and our area code at his next stop at The Woodlands Orvis Store […]

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At Orvis – The Woodlands on January 25th

Mike Geary continues his road trip in the great state of Texas and his next stop is at the beautiful Orvis Retail Store in The Woodlands, on January 25, starting at 7:00 p.m., 9595 Six Pines Rd, The Woodlands, phone 281-203-6150. Who is Mike Geary? The owner of Healing Waters Lodge and Lewis & Clark Expeditions.  The […]

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