Casting Basics

Like the tennis player’s serve or the golfer’s swing, the fly fishing cast is an elegant, fluid motion that forms the basis of the sport. Once you have your fly fishing equipment and have booked your guided fly fishing trip in Montana, one of the first things you’ll learn as a beginner is how to […]

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A Look at How Fly Fishing Works

For its many aficionados around the world, fly fishing is a soothing pastime that allows them to attune with nature while enjoying the great outdoors. Fly fishing vacations in Montana offer access to stunning scenery and to some of the best rivers for fly fishing in the country. If you have never been fly fishing […]

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Fishing in Low Water

VIDEO TUESDAY TIP: DEALING WITH LOW-WATER BROWN TROUT Written by: Phil Monahan Here’s a very cool video—an excerpt from Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Projectfrom Dave and Amelia Jensen—about catching low-water brown trout. Through some great shots of trout behavior, exciting takes and refusals, and informative narration, you get a pretty good picture of what […]

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Choosing a Fly Fishing Hook

Your fly fishing trip will be most successful if you invest in the proper fly fishing equipment. As any professional fly fishing guide from Montana will tell you, the type of hook you use will affect how difficult it is to catch fish. A perfectly tied fly can entice the fish to bite, but the […]

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Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Flies for Your Trip

Before you embark on your first guided fishing trip in Montana, you need to make sure you have all the fly fishing equipment you’ll need to enjoy a day out on the water. The rod, reel, and line are essential, of course, but they are not the most important tools for a fly fisherman. The […]

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